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Many Mini Muses
09 May 2020 @ 03:59 pm
Welcome to sarahsan's fic journal. Most of what you'll read here isn't f-locked, but since I do lock some things, you may want to friend this journal for maximum effect. ;) Drop me a comment here, and I'll friend you right back. Thanks for dropping in!
Many Mini Muses
title: Ad Astra (I've got a bad feeling about this)
pairing: Joe/Nick
rating: R
warnings: The usual Jonas-related caveats, plus space-crack; also, David Henrie.
summary: Bringing down an evil (or at least inconvenient) galactic bureaucracy, one mishap at a time.
notes: So. Bring your senses of humor and your patience to this one, kids, because, for various reasons, this fic is still IN PROGRESS. It's not gonna get stranded or left unfinished. But at the moment, it's not quite done yet. Yeah, I know. I fail at Big Bang. What DOES exist so far is entirely the result of much encouragement, tweaking, and inspiration from my usual partner in crime, theskyturnsred, whom you may thank for any parts you like and whom you may not blame for any parts that suck. Additional inspiration and MUCH flailing and joy are the direct result of smithereen's GLORIOUS, GLORIOUS ART, which has made me laugh and make embarrassing noises over and over and over again. I would like it greatly stressed that she had her artwork done completely on time and in beautiful order. Lateness of posting is my fault alone.

A million light years' worth of thanks to these beautiful ladies. Baby, I'm their biggest fan. <3

Part ICollapse )
Many Mini Muses
title: when we were ourselves
authors: sarahsan and theskyturnsred
rating: PG (some language? some kissing? idk)
summary: The one where Nick turns into a puppy by night.
notes: Ahahaha. So. This all started because at some point, inthenameofjuc mentioned something on Twitter about...I think Joe being a were-bulldog? theskyturnsred thought it would make a pretty great story if, say, Nick turned into a puppy by nights and Joe had to take care of him, and I agreed. And then it was longer than my Big Bang fic. \o/ The moral of this story? Be very fucking careful what you say on Twitter. >:3 theskyturnsred is, as usual, to thank for all of the good parts in this fic, especially considering she actually wrote some of them. Thank you so so much, bb. <3
date: 12/26
wordcount: 21,351

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Many Mini Muses
Stolen from ashavahishta and posted here because for the first time ever, I have people following my ficjournal who do not follow my personal journal. *waves to you guys*

I think it would be fun to talk about stories, but the usual memes are like, "What happens next?" "Tell me about Character A?" Which isn't so much talking about stories as it is writing more of a story. But you know how sometimes you read something and you're like, "I got ___ out of this story, I wonder if I have that right?" or "What on earth was ____ supposed to be?" and it's too awkward to ask the author? Now you could totally ask!

I've heard people say that writing is hard because you have to make decisions, but we never really talk about the decisions we make with stories or why we make them. We talk about plot bunnies, but not about how we actually turn them into a story.

And it seems like a lot more fun to do that than to do working.

So, if you wanted, ask me questions! (Or use this to ask your flist to ask you questions).

What were you trying to do [here]? Why did you decide to ____? This is what I thought about xyz, is that what you were going for? What made you write ____? Why did you decide to do this? And so on.
Many Mini Muses
28 October 2010 @ 08:00 pm
title: do no wrong
pairing: Nick/his mommm
rating: R (mayyybe NC-17? ehh...)
warnings: Intergenerational underage incesty shenanigans.
summary: She moves her hand, presses it to where he's hard again, only this time she puts her fingers around him a little, through his shorts, and doesn't let go. "This does not make you a sinner."
date: 10/17/10
notes: Ahahaha I started this MONTHS ago. I assumed it would never get done, because...I'm not sure anybody who was originally reading this even reads it anymore? :\ But then theskyturnsred, who didn't even read Nick/Denise, saw it and told me I had to finish it. So I did. Between her and novaberry, THIS IS NOT MY FAULT. :D I <3 you ladies.

Nick knows, he knows this is bad, wrong.Collapse )